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Gratitude, Thanksgiving & The Fahy Girl’s Top 4 picks for Holiday Treats

As we approach Thanksgiving, our hearts are full of gratitude for the wonderful year we've had. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends, clients, and family for allowing us to be part of your life. We love being able to help others in their home purchases and sales. These are big changes in anyone's life and we are blessed to be the ones to guide you through it. Because you share your lives with us, here is a little part of our life to share with you...

Mama Fahy and I love the holidays. As I write this, I’m listening to holiday music. It makes me think of all my wonderful childhood memories. I often think of my Grandmas when I hear Burl Ives or Nat King Cole. When I was little, we would often visit my grandparents for the holidays. Both of my grandmothers have a knack for baking and it was so fun to eat the treats that my grandmas would place on beautiful platters. These are Mom’s and my favorite treats from our holidays:

Grandma Fahy’s Fudge. My Grandma Bobbie, has traditionally made Fantasy fudge every year for Christmas. I remember seeing at least two aluminum pie pans (if not, 6) filled with the chocolate bliss, waiting to be eaten. She would make one pan with walnuts and one without nuts. Though extremely rich, I can remember eating 2 to 3 squares of fudge at a time. I think she was secretly trying to fatten us kids up. What better way than with fudge? I’m not sure Grandma was able to turn us into cute pudgy little kids, but we sure enjoyed the fudge.

Garlic dip and chips. Chips and dip seems like an ordinary thing to see at many events during the year, but this particular dip is a classic Grandma Bobbie recipe. In fact, its so Grandma Bobbie, that the recipe is in her head. The dip must be paired with salty potato chips with ridges. It contains cream cheese, small curd cottage cheese, salt, Worcestershire sauce and you guessed it, garlic! There is so much garlic in this dip that you may smell like garlic for about 2 days. Use caution when breathing on people. The terrible breath is totally worth it though, this combination of chips and dip is addictive. I have been able to write down the recipe so I can carry on the tradition, but I’ve failed miserably at re-creating it. I will keep trying, but I haven’t figured out the right ratio of ingredients. Grandma knows the recipe by taste. Bare with me, and I’ll eventually share it!

Chocolate Rudolphs. Awe memories! These chocolate cookies are from Grandma Frederick, Mom’s mom. These cookies are light and chocolaty. Grandma started making them years ago for Mom and her sisters. The recipe has been passed onto the grand-kids and we all love it. I’m pretty sure Mama Fahy has an old timey handwritten recipe card of these. Unlike the cookies in the photo, Grandma used a reindeer cookie cutter and placed a red hot on Rudolph’s nose. They were very cute and pair very well with hot cocoa. Delish!

Almond Roca. As a kid, I learned how to make some complicated recipes; Almond Roca being one of them. Almond Roca, a toffee covered in chocolate and nuts, requires some time, effort, and skill. The recipe requires you to boil butter and sugar until it gets to the hard crack stage. You can’t cook it too long or it will burn. If its not cooked enough, it ends up like chewy caramel. Its fun to drizzle chocolate and nuts on top of it once its cooled. This candy is not on anyone’s healthy list as it is the equivalent to crack, but it made very nice gifts for friends.

Let us know if you would like any of these recipes. They have brought our family so much joy and we hope to pass on the holiday cheer to our friends! Again, thank you for being part our world. We love you all!

What’s your favorite holiday treat? We would love to hear from you! Comment below.

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Nov 26, 2018

Joni, I'm happy to share those recipes with you! Those sugar cookies sound delicious! You are also wonderful to work with, Joni! :)


Joni Kennel-Siefker
Joni Kennel-Siefker
Nov 20, 2018

Oh my, you are making my mouth water!! I would love these recipes. My favorite holiday treat is sugar cookie cut outs and then decorating them. My kids love to come up with new ways to decorate them each year. Thank you Ladies, you are wonderful to work with!

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